About Us

Welcome to the funny (rude) side of the internet.

Gift a prank every now and again to make someone smile or slap you. We cannot promise the outcome!

Were just here to have fun with all of our artworks and designs. If you don’t like them - don’t be a keyboard warrior - just exit the page now. For those that do like our stuff, welcome!

Everything we sell is printed by us in Newcastle, Australia. We are not like most of the internet competitors who farm out the designs then get various printers around the world to print on their behalf. They have no control over the orders, cannot guarantee quality and make excuses when the delivery time blows out well beyond their initial commitment. We hate that.

Stalk us on all our socials! Make sure you keep the nudes in your own photos and not our DM’s.We are contactable through email at:  mikehunt@rudegifts.com.au, phone us on 0417455000 or through our social platforms. Don’t expect a response immediately – we are good but not that good!

Most importantly, don’t be a keyboard warrior or a Karen. The world has enough of them already.